Against COVID-19 Together Your Personal Digital Access Card

How does it work?

The count of people present is displayed in real-time. No physical contact during the user's registration.

The CoGa Establishment application allows COVID Certificates to be scanned and visitor contacts to be tracked simultaneously and in real time.

The data is collected and then secured on servers in Switzerland to be exclusively accessible by the Cantonal Medical Service if a proven case of Covid-19 has been reffered. All stakeholders (customers, establishment, Cantonal Medical Service), using CoGa, shorten the time it usually takes to reach people.

The easy use of is therefore a pragmatic and effective solution. CoGa does not save personal-individual data and is not intended for commercial purposes.

Solution for establishments

The establishment downloads the app for free. After registration, it accesses its platform to welcome its visitors.


Your data belongs to you and this is the most important thing for us. Establishments and the app do not have access to your encrypted data. Only the cantonal doctor, if a case of Covid in an establishment was proven, can request the data to be deciphered with the prior approval of the establishment.


Thanks to the support of the State of Geneva, the use of the application is free for customers as well as for establishments. The operating costs of the platform are fully covered by the State of Geneva, which ensures that we can keep our promise not to use CoGa for other uses.

Simple and Quick

Are you a company? Sign up here: and follow the steps. In a few minutes the application will be operational in your establishment. You will then be able to download QR codes for zones to your dashboard, to stick on your tables allow your customers to self-register.

You are an individual: Sign up under You will receive an SMS with your QR code that you will simply present at the entrance of the establishment. Keep your QR code or SMS it can be used in all partner establishments.

Simplified traceability / verified data

No more paper lists, legibility concerns, as well as the risks of transmission with pen or handwriting medium. Everything is contactless, without the risk of transmission. The phone number is validated and the identity can be verified.

Short notification time

All stakeholders (clients, establishment, cantonal doctor's service) use this platform. As a result, the time it takes to transmit information is shortened and allows you to be notified as soon as possible in case of potential contact with a person tested positive for COVID-19.

CoGa assistance in case of any questions or problems contact: or +41 22 539 10 44