Against COVID-19 Together Your Personal Digital Access Card

Register your business or event for free

The application is free to all public and private institutions.

To register, please fill out the short trailer form. You will then be able to access the platform to start scanning the QR codes of visitors to your establishment.

If you have multiple institutions, it is necessary to fill out this form for each of them and have different identifiers and passwords.

For the registration of a single establishment with several rooms, list the rooms is possible.

An Internet connection is required at the entrance of the establishment, in order to be able to scan the QR-Codes. It is possible to use the CoGa app with a Wi-Fi connection or with a 3G/4G connection if you use the app on a smartphone with a SIM card.

We recommend the following types of devices that have been tested and work optimally:

  • Apple
    • iPod touch 7th generation
    • iPhone, from Model 6
    • iPad, iPad Air or iPad Pro models from 2016
    • A dedicated app is available on the App Store to download after you've registered to be able to scan entries quickly.
  • Android
    • Samsung models phones and tablets from 2017
    • Nokia 5.3 or Nokia 7.2 Phone
    • From an Android phone, just access the CoGa platform with the link you will receive after you sign up and go to the "Scan QR" section to be able to scan the QR-Codes directly from your browser (use Chrome recommended)

Immediately after filling out the form for your establishment you will be able to access the platform to be able to scan the QR Codes of the people visiting your establishment.

We ask you for 3 contact email addresses that will be used in case a request for the client list is issued by the Cantonal Medecin Service. A first information email is sent to the first email address, if no reply an email is sent to the second address and if no reply an email will be sent to the third address..

A solution with which you can print single-use QR codes for customers without a smartphone is available on your dashboard. You can also pick up plastic cards with these QR Codes for free at our offices on request.

We remain at your disposal for any questions.

Your CoGa Team

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CoGa assistance in case of any questions or problems contact: or +41 22 539 10 44